Save up to 150% | 25% down payment | Several Payment Options | Convenient | Low Service Charge

With Travel100 Easy Pay, customers are entitled to a convenient payment plan which gives access to brilliant travel deals.  Under this option, customers make a small initial down payment of the travel cost, and pay the balance in instalments over a period of time, at most a week before the travel date.

This option is ideal for customers who are interested in booking their itineraries weeks or months before the actual travel date. Travel100 Easy Pay allows you to save as much as 150% by taking advantage of the early bird flight rates and spread your payment over a convenient period of time.

How It Works

Register with Travel100

Discuss and agree on the preferred payment option

Pay 30% down payment- Non refundable

Make your reservation

Complete instalment payments 2 weeks before travel date

Receive your ticket after payment confirmation